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  • CareCityLab

    IDIAPJGol joins CareCityLab, the care and research centre on frailty and dependency of Mataró

    With the signing of the collaboration agreement, formalized on May 28, 2024, the Institute joins the entity’s board of directors, along with other institutions and entities in the field of health, innovation, and knowledge


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  • Hepatitis C and drug use

    A study led by IDIAPJGol warns that incarcerated individuals with hepatitis C have difficulties accessing treatment when they are released from prison

    Research led by the investigator Elena Yela has gathered the testimonies of 33 inmates who have this disease and use intravenous drugs

    1 Barriers to access to hepatitis C treatment

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  • Interview with Maria Antònia Pou

    Maria Antònia Pou: “Gout is an unknown disease, even for health professionals”

    In the summer of 2023, the Barcelona City Research Support Unit researcher went to Auckland, New Zealand, for four months, with a mobility aid from IDIAPJGol, to collaborate with researchers who study gout, a quite unknown and stigmatized disease in our country, which is highly prevalent in this southern Pacific archipelago. She explains to us what the experience was like.

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  • IDIAP 2024 Conference

    The IDIAP 2024 Conference vindicates the values of Jordi Gol to humanize Primary Care

    The city of Mataró has hosted the Institute’s biennial meeting, in which relevant projects have been presented and research grants corresponding to 2023 have been delivered

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  • Interview with Anna Moleras

    Anna Moleras: “IDIAPJGol shares the values of primary care”

    The coordinator of the Technical Cabinet of the Institute talks about her work and her vision of the institution, which she considers consolidated and a reference in primary care research

    Anna Moleras

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  • Diabetes and cardiovascular disease

    One out of every eight people with type 2 diabetes ends up suffering from a cardiovascular disease

    A study involving researchers from IDIAPJGol has studied cardiovascular risk factors among diabetes patients for 10 years

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  • Women chronic disease Central Catalonia

    Half of the women in Bages and Moianès suffer from some chronic disease, according to a study by ICS Catalunya Central and IDIAPJGol.

    Georgina Pujolar has led the research work with a gender perspective within the framework of the PECT BAGESS project. According to data registered by the ICS between 2018 and 2021, almost 76,000 inhabitants of Bages and Moianès (46.6%) had a chronic pathology.

    at domiciliaria ICS CatCentral


    Home visiting a patient / ICS CATALUNYA CENTRAL

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  • Scientific articles April 2024

    Consult IDIAPJGol's scientific publications of April 2024

    During the month of April, the research staff of IDIAPJGol has published 25 new articles in scientific journals of both national and international scope. You can consult them below.

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