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Sistema d'Informació per al desenvolupament de la Investigació en Atenció Primària

  • Informe Fotoveu (3)

    "The wounds are what remains inside you": a study on the implications of living with endometriosis

    The report "The wounds are what remains inside you: a Photovoice study on the implications of living with endometriosis" is a portrait of the realities experienced by women affected by this chronic disease. The participatory photovoice study, carried out between May and June 2022, included the participation of nine affected women.

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  • Entrevista a Josep Vidal Alaball (3)

    Josep Vidal Alaball, coordinator of USR Catalunya Central: "Our projects try to improve people's lives and help healthcare professionals work better"

    The work carried out by IDIAP Jordi Gol in healthcare research increases year after year. One of the keys to success lies in the projects that are managed through the different Research Support Units of the territory. Each of them is directed by health professionals who have an involvement in the field of vocational research. Undoubtedly, one of them is Josep Vidal Alaball, coordinator of USR Catalonia Central. We spoke with him about the value of being a rural doctor, about the projects that have been carried out from this unit and about the first edition of the Ajuts Centra't that will be given in Manresa on June 6.


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  • Comissió de recerca qualitativa (3)

    The Qualitative Research Commission, a space for learning and exchange in research in health services, well valued and open to participation

    Three years after expanding the Qualitative Research Commission with the collaboration agreement between the Health Policy Studies and Prospects Service (SEPPS) of the Catalan Health and Social Consortium (CSC) and the University Institute for Primary Care Research Jordi Gol (IDIAPJGol), the successive evaluations show it as a consolidated learning space in research applied to health services, highly valued by its participants. The expansion has not only allowed the quality and interest of this space to be maintained, but has also contributed to increasing its levels of participation and expanding the topics covered. With a view to 2023, new ones are proposed for this commission, open to new incorporations.

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  • Projecte trans (3)

    The project Experiences and needs of trans people in Primary Care in Girona begins

    From IDIAPJGol we research to offer trans* people an excellent clinical practice in the field of primary care. Three IDIAPJGol researchers, Alicia Ares, Violeta Concepción and Anna Ponjoan, have designed the study entitled "Experiences and needs of trans* persons in Girona's Primary Care". In this sense, they have opened a call to invite trans* people to participate who want to explain how they felt when they were attended to in primary care centers or clinics and what their health needs are. This information is essential to improve primary care services and to plan future research projects tailored to the needs of the trans* community.pexels alexander grey 3868990 1

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  • 31 de maig: Retreat de l’IDIAP (3)

    Save The Date! May 31: IDIAP Retreat

    Next May 31, IDIAP Jordi Gol is celebrating a new Retreat at Mont Sant Benet with the aim of creating and enhancing synergies between the different research groups that are part of the organization. This meeting is key to promoting interdisciplinary research beyond each of the research and territorial areas.

    mont san benet

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  • Programa Centra't-Novetats (3)

    News in the Centra't Program: New deadline and 100% subsidized by the ICS

    The first call for Centra't Program Grants is drawing near, but there is still time to sign up. A good opportunity to get one of the three scholarships that will be given through this talent development program. The ICS Catalunya Central, the Dr. Antoni Esteve Foundation and the IDIAP Jordi Gol have created this call with the idea of giving value to the research carried out from Central Catalonia.


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  • Projecte de Laura Medina (3)

    Laura Medina presents a study on endometriosis at the Hospital Clínic

    Researcher Laura Medina, specialist in menstrual health, will present the project "The wounds are what's left inside you" on March 22. The presentation is included in the informative and participative session on endometriosis "Endometriosis: the rule does not hurt" during the Experience Exchange Week organized by the Patient Experience Observatory of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. This session is open to the public, aimed especially at teenage girls (and boys too) to raise awareness about this chromic and inflammatory disease and to present some of the projects on this pathology that are carried out.


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  • L'IDIAP forma part de les xarxes R+D+I (3)

    L’IDIAPJGol forma parte de cuatro redes R+D+I con la ayuda del AGAUR

    IDIAP Jordi Gol participates in four R+D+I networks that count on funding provided by the University and Research Grants Management Agency (AGAUR). The aid of the R+D+I Networks is intended for the creation of programs for the valorization and transfer of research results. Driven by the Department of Research and University of the Generalitat of Catalonia, the aim is to promote collaboration between the different research groups of different entities that have common challenges and objectives of economic and social interest. This work together enhances projects based on interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity.foto xarxes RDI

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