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Our research

36 accredited groups do research in different areas of primary health care.


Sistema d'Informació per al desenvolupament de la Investigació en Atenció Primària

  • Test mascaretes (3)

    We tested new FFP2 masks at the Real World Lab

    Within the framework of the Real World Lab (RWL), an initiative of the IDIAPJGol Innovation Commission to validate and test new solutions within the health sector, a qualitative and quantitative methodology study and an economic evaluation study have been developed with the objective of to analyze the differences between the FFP2 Proveil® mask (developed by the CSIC and Bionicia and marketed by the Tarragona company Gomà-Camps) and the standard FFP2 used in Primary Care Centers.


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  • Jornada VH-IDIAP (3)

    Vall d'Hebron and IDIAP Jordi Gol collaborate for research on cardiovascular diseases and diabetes

    Today, November 30, a conference was held to present the main lines of research in which both institutions collaborate in this field.

    VHRecerca IDIAP jornada

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  • Ajuts PICARD (3)

    The ICS, the IDIAP Jordi Gol and the Lleida Provincial Council present the first Call for Grants for Research Projects in Primary Care - Lleida 2021

    The objective of these grants, 1st edition PICARD Grants, is to encourage the carrying out of research projects with the intention of improving the quality of research in the Field of Primary Health Care in Lleida by giving support to researchers.


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  • Participació a DIPEx (3)

    The IDIAPJGol is part of DIPEx international

     Anna Berenguera, coordinator of the Transversal Research Unit of IDIAPJGol, is part of the Executive Committee of DIPEx Spain.

    musa meeting

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  • Antibiotics in residences

    Reducing the consumption of antibiotics in nursing homes, key to reducing resistance to antimicrobials

    According to the analysis of the consortium of organizations that participate in the European Happy Patient project, and which investigates mechanisms that allow the inappropriate consumption of antibiotics to be reduced by 40% in those countries that have been marked as a priority by the European Commission: Spain, France, Lithuania, Poland and Greece, nursing homes are at the core of the AMR problem.


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  • Convenio CSMS (2)

    We sign a research collaboration agreement with the Maresme and La Selva Health Corporation

    The objective is to jointly develop programs and activities aimed at promoting clinical, epidemiological and health services research.

    conveni Maresme

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  • Antibiòtics i Covid-19 (3)

    Taking antibiotics the 2 years before getting Covid-19 increases the probability of manifesting the virus with severity by 12%

    A new IDIAPJGol study analyzes the relationship between the consumption of antibiotics and the severity of Covid-19 in 280,679 patients diagnosed with coronavirus between March and June 2020 in Catalonia. Among all the individuals who received antibiotics, those who took antibiotics in the two months prior to infection had 41% more severe Covid-19.


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  • Memòria 2020 (3)

    The main milestones of 2020 in the IDIAPJGol

    The IDIAPJGol Annual Report is now available, in digital format to facilitate reading and understanding of the most important data for 2020.


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