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  • Partnership for Global LGBTIQ+ Equality

    IDIAPJGol joins the Partnership for Global LGBTIQ+ Equality

    This is a corporate social responsibility project promoted by the United Nations and the World Economic Forum to promote diversity and a culture of respect and equality, both in the workplace and in the activities carried out by the companies that support it

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  • Radiation during pregnacy and IQ

    Children of mothers exposed to high levels of radiation during the first months of pregnancy have a lower IQ

    A study led by IDIAPJGol researcher Liudmila Liutsko has explored the relationship between the thyroid dose of ionizing radiation, hormone levels and intelligence in boys and girls exposed to intrauterine radiation after the Chernobyl disaster

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  • Risk cardiovascular diabetes 2

    The risk of developing cardiovascular diseases among people with type 2 diabetes doubles with each decade of aging

    This is stated by a cohort study published in the journal Frontiers in Endocrinology, which recommends taking sex and age into account when addressing circulatory conditions in people with this metabolic disease.GlucoTab 07

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  • European consortium assistant diabetes 2

    IDIAPJGol participates in a European consortium to evaluate a digital assistant to help manage type 2 diabetes

    DigiDiab is a project funded by the European Union with a budget exceeding two million euros to assist healthcare professionals in improving blood glucose control, preventing complications among patients, and reducing healthcare costs.GlucoTab 60

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  • Mindfulness and mental health covid-19

    Mindfulness interventions have improved the mental well-being of health professionals during the covid-19 pandemic

    A review study participated by IDIAPJGol shows benefits of this technique to reduce stress levels, improve the ability to pay attention and increase general emotional well-being


    Mindfulness session at CAP Onze de Setembre in Lleida

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  • FLASH Consortium Meeting Catania

    IDIAPJGol participates in the Annual Meeting of the FLASH Consortium in Catania to advance in European health research

    The USR Central Catalonia is the clinical partner of this European project, which aims to prepare health systems to face health threats and their financing

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  • Scientific articles june 2024

    Consult IDIAPJGol's scientific publications of June 2024

    During the month of June the research staff of IDIAPJGol has published 31 new articles in scientific journals of both national and international scope. You can consult them below.

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  • Follow up on fragility fractures

    A study by IDIAPJGol recommends improving follow-up in primary care for elderly people who suffer fractures

    Researchers call for early diagnosis, better treatment, and more control over the recovery of patients who have suffered a fragility fracture

    Secondary fracture prevention

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