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  • Vaccination long covid

    Vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 reduces the risk of developing long covid symptoms

    IDIAPJGol participates in a cohort study published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine that collects data from more than twenty million people from Catalonia, the United Kingdom and Estonia. The work shows that vaccines against covid-19 are up to 52 % effective in preventing post-covid syndrome

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    Author: Ariadna Creus i Àngel García, Banc d'imatges infermeres

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  • Menstruation and socioeconomic level

    Menstrual health is related to economic situation and self-perceived health

    A study led by IDIAPJGol researchers, published in BMC Women's Health, concludes that women and people who menstruate with a low educational level, fewer economic resources and a poorer perception of their own health are more likely to experience heavy bleeding and pain during the period

    Imagen equidad menstrual en

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  • PhD at Primary Care

    Anna Berenguera: “It is necessary to give time and motivation to primary care professionals to do research”

    The first PhD Day of IDIAPJGol, held on March 15, aims to promote the doctorate among professionals at the first level of healthcare and to share the doctoral thesis projects that are being carried out. We have spoken with the Deputy Director of IDIAPJGol to find out what this conference will consist of.

    national cancer institute NFvdKIhxYlU unsplash

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  • Interview with Mariona Pujol

    Mariona Pujol: "The professionalized management of research makes it possible to obtain more resources"

    The coordinator of the IDIAPJGol Project Management Unit hung up her lab coat to dedicate to identify funding opportunities for research staff and advise them on obtaining funds to carry out research. She claims that she finds her work very attractive, which allows her to continue to be very close to research from another perspective.

    mariona pujol

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  • PhD Day registration

    Five participants of the PhD Day will receive funding to publish their thesis in Open Access journals

    The prizes will be distributed among the doctoral students attending the event

    Save the dat PhD day

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  • Scientific articles January 2024

    Consult IDIAPJGol's scientific publications of January 2024

    During the month of January, the research staff of IDIAPJGol has published 37 new articles in scientific journals of both national and international scope. You can consult them below.

    foto publicacions cientifiques IDIAPJGol 682x376

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  • Abstracts symposium ISoP

    The deadline for submitting abstracts for the ISoP symposium on pharmacovigilance, to be held in Barcelona, is now open

    Until March 15, students and researchers can register to present their research at the meeting, which will focus on the value of data


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  • Kickoff project PAIR

    IDIAPJGol is participating in a project that uses artificial intelligence to detect potential pandemics

    PAIR is an initiative to test a tool for rapid detection of pandemic respiratory RNA viruses in primary care.

    Foto de grup Porjecte PAIR

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