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Sistema d'Informació per al desenvolupament de la Investigació en Atenció Primària

  • INNODATA 2023

    We present the OHDSI Spanish Node at the Innovation Congress through the use of Health Data

    At the INNODATA 2023 conference, held in Seville, the Hospital del Mar and the IDIAPJGol presented to the scientific community the state node of the international OHDSI health data research network.

    INNODATA OHDSI Spanish Node

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  • scientific articles septembrer 2023

    Last scientific articles

    During september, IDIAPJGol research staff has published 19 new articles in national and international scientific journals. You can consult them below.

    foto publicacions cientifiques IDIAPJGol 682x376

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  • Diet and artereosclerosis

    Low adherence to the Mediterranean diet is associated with a higher frequency of fatty plaques in the arteries

    Diet influences the accumulation of fat in the arteries. This has been shown by a recent study with the participation of the #DAP-Cat research group of the Universitari Institut d'Investigació en Atenció Primària (IDIAP Jordi Gol), which confirms that the Mediterranean diet can be a shield against arterial diseases.

     Dieta mediterranea.jpg

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  • BioSpain2023

    We present our resources for innovation at BioSpain2023

    IDIAPJGol participate in one of the largest biotechnology events in southern Europe to publicize the Real World Lab, AGICAP and different prototypes that we are developing.

    biospain 01

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  • Tool risk liver diseases

    We participate in the design of a tool that calculates the risk of suffering from liver diseases

    © LiverRisk is an index that, based on eight variables, determines how likely we are to develop cirrhosis or other serious liver diseases. Its application will make it possible to modify the lifestyle of people at risk, diagnose these diseases early and initiate treatments that stop their progression.

    liver risk recurs

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  • New resources SIDIAP

    SIDIAP introduces new tables and search variables

    The IDIAPJGol database continues to grow to offer researchers an increasingly wider and more accessible range of resources. The latest update includes new features such as consulting tables on health professionals, patients' family relationships, menopause or laboratory analysis units.


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  • SEE Porto 2023

    We present six epidemiological studies at the #SEEPorto23 congress

    Our research in Primary Health Care was one of the protagonists of the annual congress of the Spanish Society of Epidemiology (SEE), which this year was held jointly with that of the Portuguese association of this medical specialty. Up to six researchers from the IDIAPJGol presented the results of their studies in Porto. 

    SEEPorto23 berta raventos 16x9

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  • Scientific papers 08/23

    Latest scientific papers published

    During the month of August, the IDIAPJGol research staff published 19 new articles in national and international scientific journals. You can consult them below.

    aaron burden QJDzYT K8Xg unsplash

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