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Researchers and technical support staff who have collaborated in the assessment of the proposals submited to the different IDIAPJGol-ICS grants


All the proposals submited in the different grants convened jointly by the ICS and he IDIAPJGol are assessed by reserach and technical support staff with proven experience.

This process guarantees the selection of the most relevant and excellent proposals.

The selection of these evaluators is made taking into account the following criteria:

  • Avoiding conlficts of interest between the evaluator and the proposal presented as well as with the USR and its research team
  • Offering an adequate assessment taking into account the different perspectives that the proposal needs (administrative, scientific, methodological).
List of the evaluation team of 2022 Call: 


Abellán Écija, Alicia (IDIAPJGol, Epidemiologist)

Almeda Ortega, Jesús (ICS/IDIAP JGol, Health Technician)

Alves Cabratosa, Lia (IDIAPJGol, Medical Doctor)

Arija Val, Victoria (IDIAP/URV, Medical Doctor)

Artigues Barberà, Eva(ICS/IDIAPJGol, Nurse)

Astier Peña, Pilar (ICS, Medical Doctor)

Barretina Ginewsta, Jordi (IGTP, Medical Doctor)

Bjerrum, Lars (Univ. Copenhagen, Medical Doctor)

Blanch Font, Jordi (IDIAPJGol, Statistician)

 Cabré Vila, Juan José (ICS/IDIAPJGol, Medical Doctor)

Caro Valdivieso, Johanna (IDIAPJGol, Medical Doctor)

Carrasco Querol, Noèlia (IDIAPJGol, Research Technician)

Carrasco Ribellers, Lucía (IDIAPJGol, Research Technician)

Carratalá Munuera, Concepción (Univ. Miguel Hernández, Nurse)

Casajuana Closas, Marc (IDIAPJGol, Research Technician)

Cunillera Puértolas, Oriol (IDIAPJGol, Statistician)

Del Val García, José Luís (ICS/IDIAPJGol, Health Technician)

Fernández Blanco, Jordi (ICS, Nurse)

Fernández García, Silvia (IDIAPJGol, Medical Doctor)

Fernández Sanmartin, Mª Isabel (ICS, Health Technician)

Fuster Casanovas, Aïna (IDIAPJGol, Research Technician)

García Egea, Andrea (IDIAPJGol, Biologist)

García Sangenís, Ana (IDIAPJGol, Pharmaceutical)

García Sierra, Rosa (IDIAPJGol, Psychologist)

Giner Soriano, María (ICS, Pharmaceutical)

Grau Magaña, Maria (Ub, Medical Doctor)

Jacques Aviñó, Constanza (IDIAPJGol, Psychologist)

Lapena Estella, Carolina IdiapJGol(IDIAPJGol, Nurse)

López Jiménez, Tomàs (IDIAPJGol, Statistician)

Mahtani, Vinita (Univ. La Laguna, Medical Doctor)

Martí Lluch, Ruth (ICS/Idibgi/IDIAPJGol, Biologist)

Martín Luján, Francisco (ICS, Medical Doctor)

Martínez Torres, Sara (ICS/IDIAPJGol, Research Technician)

Marzo Castillejo, Mª Mercè (ICS/IDIAPJGol, Medical Doctor)

Mas Casals, Ariadna (ICS, Medical Doctor)

Medina Perucha, Laura (ICS/IDIAPJGol, Psychologist)

Miró Catalina, Queralt (IDIAPJGol, Research Technician)

Monfà Escolà, Ramón (ICS/IDIAPJGol, Biotechnologist)

Monteagudo Zaragoza, Mònica (IDIAPJGol, Medical Doctor)

Montero Alçía, Pilar (ICS, Medical Doctor)

Moreno Gabriel, Eduard (ICS/IDIAPJGol, Psychologist)

Morros Pedrós, Rosa (ICS, Pharmacologist)

Muñoz Pérez, Miguel Ángel (ICS/IDIAPJGol/UAB, Medical Doctor)

Navas Méndez, Elena (IDIAPJGol, Statisticiana)

Orfila Pernas, Francesc (ICS/IDIAPJGol, Health Technician)

Ortega Bravo, Marta (ICS/IDIAPJGol, Medical Doctor)

Pallejà Millán, Meritxell (IDIAPJGol, Statisticiana)

Pera Blanco, Guillem (IDIAPJGol, Statistician)

Pistillo Andrea, IDIAPJGol (Statistician)

Prieto Alhambra, Daniel (Univ. Oxford, Medical Doctor)

Puente Baliarda, Diana (IDIAPJGol, Medical Doctor)

Pujolar Díaz, Georgina (IDIAPJGol, Political scientist)

Queiroga Gonçalves, Alessandra (IDIAPJGol, Research Technician)

Ramírez Morros, Anna Mª (ICS/IDIAPJGol, Research Technician)

Ramos Blanes, Rafel (ICS/IDIBGI/IDIAPJGol, Medical Doctor)

Raventós Roca, Berta (IDIAPJGol, Research Technician)

Real Gatius, Jordi (IDIAPJGol, Statistician)

Rey Reñones, Cristina (ICS, Nurse)

Reyes Reyes, Carlen (IDIAPJGol, Medical Doctor)

Rodoreda Pallàs, Berta (IDIAPJGol, Nurse)

Rodriguez Arjona, Dolors (Autònoma, Sociologist)

Salvador González, Betlem (ICS/IDIAPJGol, Medical Doctor)

Sanllorente Melenchón, Albert (ICS/IDIAPJGol, Research Technician)

Satué Gracia, Eva Mª (ICS, Medical Doctor)

Saüch Valmaña, Glòria (ICS/IDIAPJGol, Nurse)

Saura Sanjaume, Silvia (ICS, Medical Doctor)

Sol Culleré, Joaquim (IDIAPJGol, Statistician)

Toràn Montserrat, Pere (ICS/IDIAPJGol, Medical Doctor)

Valderaas Martínez, José Mª (National University of Singapore, Medical Doctor)

Vidal Alaball, Josep (ICS/IDIAPJGol, Medical Doctor)

Vilaplana Carnerero, Carles (IDIAPJGol, Epidemiologist)

Villalobos Martínez, Felipe (IDIAPJGol, Medical Doctor)

Zabaleta del Olmo, Edurne (ICS/IDIAPJGol, Nurse)


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