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Two IDIAPJGol professionals, 2023 Excellence Award from the Barcelona College of Physicians(COMB)

Carlen Reyes, family doctor at EAP Sardenya, and Daniel Martínez, doctor at CAP Sant Martí de Provençals, and both researchers from the GREMPAL research group of IDIAPJGol, have been recognized by COMB. 

Premis comb 2023

On November 27, the Barcelona College of Physicians (CoMB) held a new edition of the award ceremony Professional Excellence Awards. The Excellence Awards are a recognition that, since 2004, have been granted to doctors from different healthcare fields who, throughout their careers, have stood out for representing essential values ​​of the medical profession, such as honesty, commitment, altruism, integrity, etc.

The awards are granted in the fields of primary care, hospital care, public and mental health, social health care, biomedical research, medical education and medical humanities. In total, 53 professionals received the CoMB distinction in this year's edition. Likewise, four multidisciplinary care teams were awarded, highlighting teamwork.

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