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The project Experiences and needs of trans people in Primary Care in Girona begins

From IDIAPJGol we research to offer trans* people an excellent clinical practice in the field of primary care. Three IDIAPJGol researchers, Alicia Ares, Violeta Concepción and Anna Ponjoan, have designed the study entitled "Experiences and needs of trans* persons in Girona's Primary Care". In this sense, they have opened a call to invite trans* people to participate who want to explain how they felt when they were attended to in primary care centers or clinics and what their health needs are. This information is essential to improve primary care services and to plan future research projects tailored to the needs of the trans* community.pexels alexander grey 3868990 1

 This study has the approval of the ethics committee of the IDIAPJGol and has the following objectives:

  • Explore the experiences in the field of primary care of the trans* community in the province of Girona.
  • Identify the needs of trans* people in relation to the care they receive in primary care services in the province of Girona.

Who can participate?

Trans* people aged 16 or over and users of primary care services in the province of Girona. We understand the term trans* in a broad sense and invite all those people of various gender identities other than cisgender to participate.

What does participating involve?

Participating in this qualitative study involves being part of a conversation in a group of 3-4 trans* people. A researcher will guide the conversation by raising questions or topics related to health experiences and needs in the field of primary care, and will moderate the speaking turns. Each person will voluntarily share their story, will be able to answer the questions freely or not, and a safe and non-judgmental environment will be encouraged.

The group sessions will last around 90 minutes and will take place in public spaces (civic centres, primary care centres, etc.). The group sessions will be held in different municipalities depending on the participation and it will be tried that their participants have to travel as little as possible.

Do you want to participate?

Register in the form you will find in this link:

They will contact the registered people and propose a date, time and place for the group session that must take place between April and June 2023.

We appreciate your interest and participation.