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The prizes of the first call for grants for research projects in Primary Care are awarded


Twelve professionals have received these grants today from the Catalan Health Institute and the IDIAP Jordi Gol Primary Care Research Institute, with funds from the Lleida Provincial Council.

A scholarship of 20,000 euros and ten scholarships of 3,000 euros have been awarded with the aim of improving the quality of research in the field of Primary Care.


ajuts picard

The assembly hall of the Diputación de Lleida has hosted today the award ceremony of the PICARD grants, the first call for grants for research projects in Primary Care. The Lleida Provincial Council provides the funds for this call, endowed with a total of 50,000 euros, a meter that the Research Support Unit of the Catalan Institute of Health in Lleida and the IDIAP Jordi Gol Primary Care Research Institute are in charge of its organization and monitoring of the projects that have been financed.

Specifically, the main researcher Agnès Huguet Feixa, pediatrician at Lleida Primary Care, has been financed with 20,000 euros in the 'Project' modality, for the study entitled “Evaluation of messages of doubt or vaccination rejection on social networks ”. This is a qualitative multicenter study that wants to analyze the relationship between doubt-rejection of vaccination and anti-vaccine messages generated on social networks. Based on this information, specific interventions can be promoted to increase vaccination coverage in Primary Care.

For their part, the researchers Eva Artigues, Julia Siscart, Cristina García, Daniel Perejón (who has received two grants for two different projects), Míriam Orós, have received a scholarship of 3,000 euros in the 'Translation and publication' modality. , Agnès Huguet, José María Palacín, María Dolores Rodrigo, Javier Martínez and Esther Ribes. The projects of the latter two were tied and received a grant of 1,500 euros each.

Marta Ortega, coordinator of the USR of Lleida, has highly valued the first call for PICARD grants and has stated that "the objective of the PICARD call is to promote the carrying out of research projects and support the visualization of the results with the translation and publication modality, with the intention of improving the quality of research in the field of primary care”.

For his part, Josep Basora, director of IDIAP Jordi Gol, thanked "the sensitivity of the Provincial Council for sponsoring research awards in Primary Care, which provides a practical translation of the results to the population of the territory from the first level of care ”.