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Registration open for the online course of Emotional Ventilation

In the framework of the Mestral project, led by IDIAPJGol with the collaboration of the ICS and the Galatea Foundation, and funded by the Department of Health (PERIS), we are launching a new online course aimed at the referents of emotional and community well-being (RBEC) for delve into the contents of the session guide of the emotional ventilation program, indications for putting it into practice, and relevant information about the scope of the research study.

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The Covid19 pandemic has constituted an extraordinarily stressful situation for healthcare professionals and has generated an impact in the form of psychological discomfort and the appearance of various mental disorders. In this context, it is necessary to equip these professionals with strategies and skills to be able to manage the stressful situation and prevent or minimize its negative impact.

The Mestral project thus arises from the need to take care of the health professionals, who have taken care of the public throughout the pandemic. It consists of a group of sessions planned and given by RBEC to improve the emotional self-care of Primary Care professionals.

From December 5th until February 6th, professionals will be able to take the Emotional Ventilation online course at their own pace. This course is aimed at the RBECs who will carry out the group psychological interventions ("Emotional Ventilation" Program) in the various primary care centers and is part of the strategy to implement the program.

Its objective is to make the contents and procedures known to the RBECs and to promote a homogeneous implementation throughout the territory, taking into account the possibilities of local adaptation that the program itself contemplates.

Its contents, taught by twenty teachers, include the justification of its need, the theoretical foundations and the scientific evidence that supports the psychological interventions of emotional support for healthcare professionals, the procedures and the specific contents of the sessions of the program and details of the intended assessment procedures.

All course information and registrations in this link.