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Three researchers from IDIAPJGol, awarded in the 13th ICS Research Conference

Josep Franch, coordinator of the DAP-Cat group, Cristina Rey, coordinator of the TICS-AP group and Berta Raventós, researcher of the RWEpi group, awarded by the Catalan Health Institute.premis ICS

 On Monday, November 21, more than 250 researchers and researchers gathered for the 13th ICS Research Conference, which focused on post-pandemic mental health. The Conference has brought to the fore questions such as the effect of confinement on different population groups, the effect on minors with mental illnesses, the increase in their severity, and the earlier onset of eating disorders.

This meeting also aims to focus research on mental health from new perspectives because, to prevent disorders and improve the quality of life of affected people, it is necessary to perfect their treatments.
In addition, during the day, prizes were also awarded to five ICS researchers for their research work with an impact on clinical practice. Three of these are from IDIAPJGol: Josep Franch has won the 2022 ICS Primary Care Research Trajectory Award; Cristina Rey has been awarded the ICS 2022 Nurse Researcher Trajectory Award and Berta Raventós has been awarded the Award for the best research article in Health Sciences prepared by an ICS and Predoctoral Researcher Linked Research Institutes 2022.