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Guidelines and Forms for Project Management

Guideline with approximate rates for concepts that could be eligible when preparing budgets for competitive projects:


 Guidelines and Templates for Projects and/or research funds

 Guidelines for project monitoring by the principal investigator:


If you are in charge of a research centre, the following link contains instructions on how to manage the budget at the centre:


Contact information for our travel agency, where you should inquire, if you do not wish to handle travel arrangements and expenses by yourself:


Forms for the economic management of projects

For competitive projects funded by Catalan entities, changes in budget items should be requested by filling in this form:


Expenses authorisation form. All expenses must be submitted, together with this form, by the PI/leader of the project:


The following form must be filled in when you delegate the payment of expenses and payment authorisations to a third party:


In the case of acquiring equipment valued at more than 1,000 euros, the following form must be completed to specify the equipment's location and facilitate future donation to the ICS.

IMP-045 Reception of fixed assets Descarga



Meeting minutes model if no other: