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Participation of citizens in research projects


An increasing number of individuals are actively engaging in managing their own health. Patient-centered care seeks to customize healthcare based on the preferences, beliefs, and values of each individual, promoting patient involvement in decision-making. Nevertheless, most of the time, the focus remains on researching patients rather than collaborating with them. Patients are often treated solely as sources of data and are seldom central to the research processes that directly impact them. We assert that involving the population in research is crucial for achieving improved applicability and translation of results

Based on this priority, IDIAPJGol defined in its strategic plan for 2014-2017 the objective of "Promoting activities that encourage patient participation in research projects."

To achieve this strategic objective, IDIAPJGol has designed a project titled "People First: Promoting the contribution of individuals in setting priorities and in the design, development, and dissemination of research in primary care." The main objective is to promote patient participation in the prioritisation, design, development, and dissemination of research projects in primary care in Catalonia as a strategy for empowering individuals in relation to health research policies.



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